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Roller Coaster Designers (Year 8 Maths)

At Turves Green Boys School, we undertook a project in the Maths Department with Year 8 pupils.  The following report on the project appeared on the ‘Creative Partnerships’ website:


Year 8 pupils at Turves Green Boys Technology and Humanities College in Northfield have roller-coasters to thank for their improving results in Maths this summer. As part of their Creative Partnerships Change School project, the pupils have devised their own roller coaster rides to increase their problem solving skills. The pupils worked in groups, designing their rollercoaster to specifications agreed by all. They also had to present their designs to their peers and external judge David Price from Unravelling Science. Maths Teacher Ross Currie said, ‘This project has enabled the students to increase their problem solving skills, which is essential for successfully learning maths and science. The confidence of the pupils continued to grow throughout the project, with staggering results in the Year 8 end of year exams.This term, they gained 19, level 7 grades (high) between them, compared with 8 level 7’s with last years, Year 8 pupils. The effectiveness of the project really does speak for itself!


The project has also been adapted for Year 6. The lesson plans have been published on the ‘Mantle of the Expert’ website:


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