Local History Projects

To date, we have undertaken three major local history projects for young people, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. They are:


The New Street Station History Project


Birmingham’s Lost Communities

One Area Through Time: The History of Balsall Heath (coming soon)


Clink on the titles to find out more about each project, including videos, heritage trails and other materials produced by project participants.


We have worked closely with local historians on these projects – especially Professor Carl Chinn.


Our aims are:

- To change the focus of history teaching, from the major events and figures, to ordinary people’s experiences of historical change – something which is usually missing from the history books; and linked with this,


- To place an emphasis on ordinary people’s stories and memories, and the need to preserve them as a major primary source in researching and understanding processes of historical change


- To encourage young people to be more aware of their own family’s history, and to find out about, and preferably preserve in some form, their own stories and memories.

We also want to make young people away of the environment around them, as a space which local people share, and which is in a continual process of change. In any one place, there is an overlaying of history, of memories, and the traces of the lives of different people and communities, who have made it a “home.” We believe that collecting stories can contribute to raising awareness of the environment as the space of “collective memory”; and reveal some of the hidden “legacies,” the continuities that persist through time, in the face of social and historical change.  


In addition to the projects supported by NLHF, we have undertaken a major Erasmus Plus project called Breaking Down Barriers. More details here.

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