Mantle of the Expert in schools

In our work in schools, we use a method known as Mantle of the Expert.


In Mantle of the Expert, children are asked to think of themselves as people running a fictional ‘enterprise’ of some kind.  They might imagine they are running a shop, or a museum, etc. The Mantle system works, then, through putting children in ‘real life’ situations. It helps to meet one of the targets of the new curriculum, to prepare pupils for life after school.In running their ‘enterprise,’ the children take on a range of different tasks – speaking and listening, reading, writing, designing, making, etc. The tasks are selected by the teacher to meet curriculum targets.


We have run Mantle of the Expert projects in primary and secondary schools, and in a range of subject areas, including English, Maths, Science, History and PHSE. We offer coaching and mentoring to teachers in schools, to help them to use the Mantle system in their own teaching.


Schools we have worked in include New Invention Junior, Nonsuch Primary, St Chad's, Highters Heath, Turves Green Boys, Wordsley, George Dixon Academy, North Birmingham Academy, and many more.

"A couple of weeks ago, every class in the school was working on a 'Mantle' project. There was a lovely atmosphere in school that week. What has impressed us is the depth of learning that was taking place. The pupils were totally engaged in their learning, enthusiastic about their work and keen to continue learning more. When I asked them about their week, every pupil, without exception, talked about the 'Mantle' project as being the best part of the week. Staff are very keen to continue with this approach to teaching." - Hazel Colgan, Head Teacher, Highter's Heath Primary School

You will find details of some of our Mantle of the Expert projects here:

We have also undertaken Erasmus Plus projects with partners across Europe. For more details, see here.

Click on the video, to see an extract from a documentary made in 2009, showing David Allen from MAT working with a Year 2 class at Nonsuch Primary School in Birmingham.

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