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Education projects

"exciting, stimulating and creative work" - OFSTED Report

MAT has extensive experience in working in schools. We are committed to supporting young people's learning, with active, enquiry-based teaching methods. 
We offer special projects; drama workshops; teaching materials, and teacher training.

In our work in schools, we utilise a method known as Mantle of the Expert - an innovative way of teaching the whole curriculum. It is designed to involve pupils in active forms of learning.
More details here.

Local History projects

We have undertaken a number of projects in schools on aspects of local history, including the New Street Station History Project; Birmingham's Lost Communities; and One Area Through Time. These projects were supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. To find out more, click here.

Erasmus Plus projects

To date, MAT has acted as Lead Partner on three Erasmus Plus projects, with partners across Europe, looking at the development of innovative strategies in education. The focus of the first project was the Mantle of the Expert system. The second was called Breaking Down Barriers. It focused on exploring migration issues, through local history projects for schools. In our current project, we are looking at Dorothy Heathcote’s Commission Model. You can find more details about our Erasmus Plus work here.

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