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Oral History Interviews

​We conducted a series of interviews to record people’s memories of New Street Station.


David Moore and James Taylor were interviewed by young people at George Dixon Academy, Birmingham, in June 2014. They share their memories of the station in the fifties and sixties. David Moore remembers being allowed by drivers to look around the cab of the train. James Taylor remembers the late-night café on Queen’s Drive, which attracted travellers, revellers, tramps, and ladies of the night.

Richard Foster is the author of numerous books and articles on railway history, including a three-volume history of New Street Station. He was interviewed by groups of young people at Al-Hijrah School, Birmingham, in June 2014. In these two films, they ask him to talk about some images they had found, showing moments from the station’s history.

(The image, above, shows New Street Station c.1905. Until the rebuild in the 1960s, the station had a road running through the middle of it called Queen's Drive.)

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