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Teachers Guide


The production of Descent will help teachers to meet curriculum targets at GCSE, BTEC and ‘A’ Level

The production will offer students a chance to experience a very different kind of live performance. It is site-specific, and is designed to be immersive. The audience follows the action through different spaces in the venue; and the production also uses multimedia elements including film, music and dance.

There will be daytime and evening performances for ‘Descent.’ The performance lasts approximately one hour.


We can offer free pre- or post show workshops to schools and colleges which make a group booking for a performance.

At GCSE level, the production can help students to understand issues such as: how meaning is interpreted and communicated through performance conventions; use of performance space and spatial relationships; actor and audience configurations; set design, costume, lighting and sound; actor’s interpretation of character; creation of mood and atmosphere; use of semiotics.


At BTEC (Performing Arts) level, the production can help students in forming independent judgements about theatre work, and to understand issues such as: responses to a theme, performance styles, genre and purpose; exploration of themes in the work and how they are communicated; different performance conventions (site-specific venue  / multi-media elements); target audiences and intended effect. It can also be related to the work of key practitioners such as Peter Brook, Frantic Assembly and Kneehigh.

At ‘A’ Level, the production can help students to understand the theatrical processes and practices involved in interpreting and performing theatre; how conventions, forms and techniques are used in drama and live theatre to create meaning, including the use of performance space and spatial relationships on stage, and the relationship between performers and audience; and how creative and artistic choices influence how meaning is communicated to an audience.

The production can also help students to analyse and evaluate the work of live theatre makers, and consider how different elements can contribute to the overall impact.

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