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We are a group of young people at Perry Beeches Academy II, based in the Jewellery Quarter – not far from where Kathleen was born. We went looking for some of the places she talks about in her books – and we decided to create a ‘Trail,’ so other people can follow the same route, and take a journey back in time!

We hope you enjoy the trail! We also made some films so you can find out more about Kathleen’s life, and some of the places you will see along the way.

With special thanks to Carl Chinn


The Kathleen Dayus Trail was created in 2016. It is part of the Birmingham’s Lost Communities project, which was created by Midland Actors Theatre, and funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (Young Roots scheme).

​Project Facilitator: David Allen

School Liaison: Holly Hale

Historical Consultant: Professor Carl Chinn

Trail website created by Dawn Walker

Films by Thomas Corden and Frances Hill

You can return to the Trail here

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