“Saw this last night. It was absolutely joyous. I came home feeling as if I'd been to the best party in the world. Bertolt Brecht himself would have been delighted.”

- Christine Jonas, audience member


In 2010 and 2012, we toured The Good Person of Sezuan by Bertolt Brecht, in a co-production with Sister Tree. Michael McMillan's version of the play transposed the action to Trenchtown in the early 1980’s.


A time of political violence and gang warfare …

Bob Marley music …

Flared trousers and platform shoes…


The play was written in Jamaican patois.


This was a community production. The cast was a mixture of professional and local semi-professional actors and musicians.The videos, below, features extracts from the show. Papa Ice is played by Saul Augustus-Dore, and Rhema/Renward by Shirrine Stewart. The production was directed by David Allen and Margaret Snape.


'Laud ah mercy, unu sufferers!

Wey kind ah Trenchtown dis is,

Wey kind ah people unu is?'

Good Person of Sezuan

by Bertolt Brecht

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