Erasmus Plus projects

To date, MAT has been Lead Partner on three Erasmus Plus projects


Mantle of the Expert (2016-18)


In this project, we looked at how Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert system could be applied in different schools and contexts. We had partners in Portugal, Germany, Turkey and the UK. We created a project website which includes: a Teachers Guide to the Mantle system; examples of work that was done in different schools, to inspire you in your own teaching; and films showing some of the training we did in Mantle.


You can find the website here.


Breaking Down Barriers (2017-19)

Breaking Down Barriers looked at migration issues, through local history projects for schools. We used a method we call Narrative Inquiry. This puts the emphasis on people’s personal stories and experiences – and what these can tell us about wider trends and developments in history. ​We had project partners in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Poland and the UK.


We worked with groups of young people to look at stories of migration. What makes people move to a new home? What kind of life did they leave behind? And how different was their new life from the old? We used a range of methods to explore these stories, including: Oral history; Digital Storytelling; Instagram; Comic Books; Heritage Trails; Photography; Film; Drama; and more!


We have created a website where you will find suggestions and tips for different activities, using these methods; as well as outlines of some of the projects we have been doing. Click here to go to the website.


The Commission Model (2019 – present)


Dorothy Heathcote’s Commission Model is a development of the Mantle of the Expert system. In Mantle, the children are part of a fictional “enterprise” and they are given a commission by a fictional “client.” In the Commission Model, however, there is a real client in the community. For example, a group of young people might carry out a commission to design a hospital garden.


We have partners in Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Poland and the UK. We will be posting more details of our work on the Commission Model shortly.

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