How to apply for European Funding to attend a teacher's course in the UK


PERIOD: 1 JUNE 2016 – 31 DECEMBER 2017



Only one deadline for the whole year.




1. Select one of our courses in the period 1 June 2016 – 31 December 2017 from our website.(All of our courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding.)


Pre-register on the course by sending an email to A place will then be reserved for you on the course until you let us know whether or not you can definitely attend. Some of your colleagues may also wish to apply for the same or a different course.


2. Inform your school or institution that you would like to attend a course in the UK with Erasmus+ funding. (Individual teachers cannot apply for funding.) A representative of your school or college will need to:


a) Register your school in the Participant Portal in order to obtain a Personal Identification Code (PIC) number for your school. See page 232 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide:


The link for the PIC application form is

and also for the following two forms which must be signed by the principal of your school and submitted at the same time:


Legal Entity Form:


Financial Identification Form:


b) By 1 FEBRUARY 2016 submit an online application.


You will need to download and use the application form on your Erasmus+ National Agency’s website. It is recommended to quote the specific course title and course provider (PIC 931154508).


Take particular note of pages 61-67 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide


Your school (or college) will need to include in the application a European Development Plan for the school (which could focus on the improvement of language teaching in the school or on CLIL for example). There needs to be a clear link between your (and your colleagues’) attendance at a course in the UK and your school’s European Development Plan. It is also important to indicate that the teaching ideas and materials acquired on the course will not only be used to enhance your own lessons, but will also be disseminated to your colleagues at a workshop which you will conduct after your course, so that a large number of students will benefit.


3. Contact us immediately after approval


After approval, contact us immediately by email or telephone (+44 121 608 7144). We'll send you all information concerning the course.


A Note About Funding Rules


Funding rules (pages 65-57 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide) indicate the following maximum allowances per person:


Course fees: 70 Euro per day. Maximum 700 Euro.

Individual support (subsistence i.e. accommodation & meals): 80-160 Euro per day - fixed by National Agency

Organisational support: 350 Euro

Travel (varies according to travel distance) - eg.500-1999 km: 275 Euro

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